Delish Theme Instructions

1. Make sure that Genesis Framework is installed, this child theme WILL NOT WORK without the parent. This is a separate purchase and does not come with the Delish theme as outlined in the TOS
2. Upload the Delish theme folder via FTP to your wp-content/themes/ directory or via your WordPress Dashboard
3. Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance and activate the Inspired theme

Header Instructions:

1. To use a header image go to appearances – header and upload your image file
2. Header image must be 600px X 150px to fit properly
3. If you choose to use no image simply click “remove header image” and it will default to text

Menu Instructions:

1. To configure your menu go to appearances – menus and create a new menu
2. Set the new menu to “primary navigation menu”, this will be the tabs menu
3. To configure the secondary menu set the  menu to “secondary navigation menu”, this will be the main colored menu on the site

Plugin Instructions:

1. To Display the social icons download the Simple Social Icons plugin
2. Go to appearances – widget and place the plugin widget in the Header Right Widget
3. Configure the social icons to link to your profiles

1. To display the newsletter you will be using enews extended widget
2. Go to appearances – widget and place the enews widget into your Header Right Widget
3. Configure the newsletter to your liking

1. To use the profile settings you will be using Genesis User Profile widget
2. Go to appearances – widget and place the user profile widget into your sidebar
3. Configure the profile widget with your bio
4. To pull a photo you will need to make sure your profile is connected to Gravatar
Widget Instructions:

1. Before Content widget displays directly above post on the homepage only
2. After Content widget displays directly after post on a single page view
3. Samples used on the preview site ( are set using genesis featured post

Setting up featured post in the widget at the top:

(Note: Images much be squared to format into a circle properly)
1. Insert the Genesis Featured Post widget in the Before Content widget area
2. Select it to display 4 posts from the category
3. Choose image size 150×150, align none
4. Check the box to display the post title
5. Change the content to ‘no content’ to display


Image Troubleshooting:

If you’ve uploaded the theme to an active blog and the category page images are not displaying properly you will need to download and run “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin. This theme includes a custom 200×200 thumbnail size. This is only required if you already have existing posts/photos on your site and need to regenerate the new thumbnail size. Any new images uploaded will not require this.

Theme Support:

Please visit for theme support or email info(at)